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Getting started within 1 hour:


01. Join our Discord user server

Within our Discord user server you will find everything you are looking for: a community, the download links, the guide etc.


02. Install a VPS

We have a beginner friendly guide on how to install a VPS. This should take you no longer than 20 minutes and is something anyone can do.


03. Install the bot

In our guide we have a video showing how to install the bot. This will take you a few minutes to do.


04. Copy over our setups

In our guide we have a lot of different setups for low, medium and higher risk. You can just simply copy them over to your bot.

Everything you need to know:

These settings might look overwhelming but we have everything explained in our beginner friendly guide. You can just simply copy over our settings to your bot to run for the same results.

Icon Reversal trading strategy

Icon 1-30 trades a day (depending on setup)

Icon Change your settings as you want or follow our setups 1:1

Icon Beginner friendly guide explaining everything

Icon Martingale & Adding to losing positions

Icon Allowed on most big prop firms (FTMO, MyFundedFX etc.)

Icon Custom Risk Management

Icon High Impact News Filter

Icon 24/7 1:1 support from our team